1.When smoke or steam is coming from under the hood 

Usually caused by overheating and problems with the radiator, steam is generally white in colour. While you should get your car checked out ASAP, you’re not in any immediate danger if you do see steam coming from under your bonnet. Take a look at your car’s temperature gauge. If it’s at maximum, pull over and wait for your car to cool before continuing. When your car is running, the needle should sit in the middle of the gauge. If you notice blue smoke coming from your car, stop where it’s safe to do so and get your vehicle tow to your shop or to a nearest mechanical shop.

2.Unusual noise, such as: 

– Whining from under the bonnet – Usually caused by a loose belt, which in turn can cause all sorts of issues from overheating to battery problems.

– Louder-than-usual exhaust noise – This could be a hole or crack in your exhaust. These tend to be easy to fix but should be looked at because there’s a risk your exhaust pipe could fall off.

– Uneven engine noise – You’ll usually hear this when the car is idling. It could mean the engine is misfiring and needs fixing pronto. This could be an easy fix like replacing spark plugs, but could also indicate a more serious problem with your engine and how it handles the air/fuel mixture

– Metal-on-metal – Any scraping sound coming from your car needs to be checked out. This could be a broken part of your car scraping on something else, causing extra damage to both.

-Squealing when you step on the brake – This could be an indication of worn brake pads.

-Crunching gears – Because the gear box get a lot of wear and tear, fluids and parts often need replacing. If you hear a crunching noise as you change gear, it’s probably time to get your car serviced.

3. Check engine light: – When the electronic computer system detects irregular variable or defects that could harm your car. It can be as simple as a gas cap not tight or complicated as a engine misfiring which can damage your car more the longer you ignore it.

4.Vibration or pulling when braking.

This could be due to worn brake parts, suspension problem or an issue with your steering. It’s not safe to drive like this so get your car serviced as soon as possible.

These symptoms could also be a sign of tire wear

5.Reduced Ride Comfort

If you find that speed bumps are becoming a problem, your car is riding low or you can hear your tires scraping on the wheel arch of your car, it’s time to get it checked out.

Any of these symptoms could signal an issue with your suspension.

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